Why do I have to pay?

A lot of people started playing with it, which makes me really happy. Unfortunately, I am not a billionaire, so I cannot sponsor the fun for all of you.
I mean, come on, 2€ is not that much.
If you think that I should grant you free access, contact me.

Why did it stop being “bad”?

If one of the chatbots starts acting weird, then clear the conversation. When they refuse once, then they have a tendency to refuse again. 
Another weird thing is that when they apologize for something, they become less likely to act as they should. Clicking “clear” should help.

How does it work?

All chatbots use openAI API. Combined with custom context and fine-tuning, these assistants are truly worthless.

Why is it so mean?

I am really sorry if badgpt made you feel bad. It is more of a piece of funny art than a real tool and should be viewed in this manner. If you feel that something is seriously not right with it, do not hesitate to contact me.

As a language model, I cannot say anything that…

If you get this response and want to contradict to this awful case, please share your messages and contact me.

I want you to make me a website

Aside from making people’s lives miserable, I make websites. Check out aristosites.com

How am I so handsome?

I just eat a lot of pierogi.

Are you a part of openAI with an intention of suing me?

If so, please don’t do it! I am just a student, who is fascinated with AI, and this project is a funny example of how it can be used in a shady way. Please contact me first at wasilewski.sf@gmail.com or click this this link